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Scheherazade by Murakami Haruki

via The New Yorker, a translation of Scheherazade by Ted Goossen from Murakami Haruki’s latest short story collection Onna no inai Otokotachi – Men Without Women, is available to read. Scheherazade via The New Yorker Advertisements

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Footsteps of Yasunari Kawabata

One day I’d like to follow the footsteps of Kawabata Yasunari

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Misao Fujimura and Kusamakura

  Through recent wanderings of Wikipedia I stumbled across the entry on Misao Fujimura, and resolved to read Natsume Soseki’s Kusamakura over the summer. Kusamakura (penguin classic translated by Meredith McKinney)

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Lament in the Night by Shōson Nagahara

  A tantalizing trailer for a book published by Kaya Press that I’d like to read.    

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Murakami synopsis

If you’ve not discovered a synopsis of the new Murakami novel, a good one, (along with many more recent Murakami articles), can be found over at Asahi Shimbun’s AJW.  

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