Genga – Otomo Katsuhiro – Original Pictures

A book that I think I’ll have to make room on my bookshelf for is the recently published Genga from Pie Books, there’s no pictures of the inside of the book at the publishers yet, although I don’t think they are needed to confirm that this will be an essential edition.  News just out is that Katsuhiro Otomo has been inducted into the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame, more at AJW Asahi.

From the publisher’s description –

“Otomo Katsuhiro is one of the most respected and influential Japanese artists/storytellers in the history of modern comics. He has also worked extensively in animations; from his own hugely successful adaption of his epic manga, Akira, which is widely considered to be a pinnacle of the form – a work of astonishing power and visionary scope, with unsurpassed artistry.

This book is a catalogue for his initial exhibition, (held in Tokyo, April 9th – May 30th, 2012), of his original handwritten drawings collection since his debut to present. The book contains all the works featured in the exhibition that is full-size illustrations, as well as priliminary sketches, production drawings. The works include the domestic advertisement works that is hardly to see overseas.”

Genga at PIE BOOKS

3331 Arts Chiyoda

neat review of Kaba 2

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