Memories of Inunaki Yama

One of my favourite locations that I’ve visited a number of times is (Mt.) Inunaki Yama in Izumisano, Osaka Prefecture, a little out of the way the mountain is rarely busy with tourists now but nonetheless a stunningly beautiful place to visit. Dotted with many statues, pavillions and places of pilgramage the winding paths lead up to the main temple that is situated beneath a natural waterfall where monks and acolytes perform misogi by pulling themselves up a chain to stand under the water. The mountain is associated with the practice of Shugendō and the name of the mountain, Inunaki or Barking Dog dates back to a fable from the era of Emperor Uda/宇多天皇, Uda-tennō, 887-897.

More information at Osaka-info.

Click on an image to view in a gallery.

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